University Secretariat

The Secretary of the University shall be appointed by a decision of the President of the University upon the proposal of the Board of Trustees. He shall be required to have at least the degree of university degree and with experience in university affairs.
The Secretary of the University shall carry out the work of the Secretariat of the Council and edit the minutes of his sessions and prove them in a register to be signed with the Rector
The duties of the Secretary of the University shall be defined as follows:
-  Assisting the university president and his deputies in the administration of administrative and financial affairs in the university under the supervision of the university president and be responsible for implementing the decisions and regulations within his competence.
- Supervising the work of directorates and departments of central administration.
-  Follow up the implementation of decisions of the Council of Higher Education and the Council of the League and the decisions of the President of the University and his deputies and raise the necessary proposals for that.
- Conducting the Secretariat of the University Council and supervising the preparation of its agenda, organizing the minutes of its meetings and drafting its resolutions.
-  See the mail of the mail to the university in preparation for "to be presented to the President of the University or his deputies and follow-up to follow up with the relevant authorities.
- Carrying out the other tasks entrusted to him by the President.

Attachement Files

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