The role of values in reconciling rationality and emotion in decision-making: Comparative field study in Syrian public and private organizations




Assistant Professor Dr. Taher HASSAN




To work toward the goals of organization requires a close linkage among the decisionmaker, organizational values, and the employee, where, values considered as principal
factor in arranging the preferences from problem definition to operational implementation. For decision-making to be a rational approach, therefore, the notion of rationality must include emotion, and require that values well be balanced. The other dimensions of rationality are consistency and well founded-ness of beliefs. The paper focuses on the need for values based judgement, and argues that judgement requires emotion as rationality. The research was applied to a sample of decisionmakers in some public and private organizations in Damascus, with the aim of showing the differences between the organizational values in their influence on the decisionmaking style (rational and emotional) in the organizations. The most important results of the research are there is a correlation between the organizational values of the decision-maker and the rational and emotional decision-making style. In addition, there is a difference between organizations in the style of emotional decision-making, and absence of differences between organizations in the  rational decision-making style. One of the main recommendations of this research, the need to recognize the decision-makers that in order to develop their organization and maintain its prosperity and continuous high performance, employees must be enabled to share organizational values.




organizational values, rationality, emotion, decision-making

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