The Relationship Between the Development of the Syrian Pharmaceutical Industry and the Outputs of Pharmaceutical Scientific Research: A Practical Study


Taher Hassan


The Syrian pharmaceutical industry is a real tributary for development in Syria. Like other industries, pharmaceutical industry suffers from subordination to the West, in the sense that it collects pharmaceuticals according to licenses from international companies. Research and development are almost virtually non-existent in it. On the other hand, the faculties of pharmacy provide planty of contribute with abundance of scientific researches, which can play an important role for the benefit of the companies, cooperate with them, and contribute in providing them with applications of new drugs. The most important results of the search, are the weak interaction between the faculties of pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry, and the fact that the pharmaceutical companies do not benefit from the results of the research of the faculties of pharmacy, regardless of the conviction of the possibility to benefit from these researches through the development of a mechanism for fruitful cooperation for both parties.


pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical industry

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