Dean’s Message

Dean’s Message:

It is the pleasure of the Faculty of Business Administration’s (FBA) academic and administration staff to welcome you as a visitor to our site. The faculty that was launched since the founding date of the Syrian Private University (SPU) in 2005. Since the beginning FBA gained the trust of large number of students who studied at for its outstanding role in its field as part of them are continuing their post graduate studies all around the world.

Because FBA cares to keep its remarkable position, it developed its curriculum to meet the current and future labor market needs and to enhance its continuous competitive advantages locally and overseas. Moreover, it provides specializations fit with the majority of secondary schools degrees.

FBA has six different majors that combine between traditional and contemporary management sciences forms.

FBA’s vision focuses on continuous efforts to provide the latest science and techniques to help students build better future based on the efficiency and confidence that provide them with in addition to empowering them with outstanding preparation and laying unique opportunities in front of them through vocational education and training.

FBA’s mission reveals in preparing its graduates to be ready to assume responsibilities and jobs including all management fields and transferring and settling sustainable values to make them become leaders and researchers in different experience fields.

FBA accomplishes its mission through helping the students developing their personalities to adapt with international openness and benefiting from practical experiences base on the real life by providing them with real practical examples.

FBA also follows the international standards in terms of the superiority and outstanding depending on international scientific and technical cooperation agreements on one side and continuous improvement on the other side.

FBA thank you for your visit and hopes to be your choice to help you achieving your ambitions in continuing your study and reaching the future you wish.

Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration 

Prof. Dr. Basil Khoury

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