The Syrian Private University organized a cultural ceremonial evening commemorating Arabic Language Day

 The Syrian Private University organized a cultural ceremonial evening commemorating Arabic Language Day

The Syrian Private University in cooperation with university branch of the National Union of the Syrian Students organized a cultural ceremonial evening commemorating Arabic Language Day on Tuesday 18/3/2017 in the presence of the University president Prof. Dr. Nazir Ibrahim, the university vice president for scientific affairs and research Prof. Dr. Riad AlGhazzi, the deans of the faculties, the educational staff and the university faculties’ students. The university invited to this occasion some professors interested in Arabic language issues and strengthening, among which the director of the Arabic encyclopedia Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Al Sayyed, Prof. Dr. Sadek Faroon, Prof. Dr. Faisal Dayoub, Prof. Dr. Mohamad Saleh Al Aseel, Prof. Dr. Asem Kubtan, Dr. Bayan Al Sayyed, and poet Khalil Youssef.

The ceremony started with a welcoming word by the University president Prof. Dr. Nazir Ibrahim in which he emphasized on the importance of this day in remembering the need to strengthen Arabic language as one of the most important Semitic languages. This was followed by screening a documentary on the university experience in in interactive teaching of Arabic language course prepared and produced by the course lecturer Dr.DimaBarakat.

Thereafter, Poet Khalil Youssef pronounced some national  poems entitled “national poetry inspirations”. From flirtation’s gardens, Prof. Dr. RiadAlGhazzi pronounced some flirting extracts.

The students contribution is represented by a poem pronounced by the student FawwazAffash who came first in the poetry contest dedicated to the day of the Arabic Language organized a couple of days ago. Thereafter a bunch of Arabic Language anecdotes and drolleries was delivered by Dr.Wafaa Al Isa.

Prof.Dr.Faisal Dayoub presented some extracts from Arabic Language beauties well received by the audience. Both of Prof. Dr. MohamadSaleh AlAseelandProf. Dr.Asem Kubtanhave distinctive poetry interlocutorcontributions. The ceremony was concluded by a set marvelous poems delivered by Dr.BayanAlSayyed. Theceremony was associated withorganizing a special fair for Arabic language poetry and literatures organized by DarAlFikr.

The university directorate thanks all teachers who contributed in the success of this ceremony through the poems and extracts they delivered and wishes them brilliance and success.  

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