Treatment of Gummy Smile Appearance using the Modified Lip Repositioning Technique: A Pilot Study


Dannan A* and Al-Sarraf I


Gummy smile is considered one of the esthetic problems that could face many people in the society. For a long time, lip repositioning technique was a classic surgical solution for correction of such cases. The aim of this study was to test the short-term results of the modified technique of lip repositioning as a surgical solution for correction of gummy smile cases. Seven patients were included in the study. The modified lip repositioning technique previously described by Rao et al. was used to operate the patients and correct the gummy smile. Intra-oral measurements were recorded including the amount of the while-smiling gingival appearance before and one month after surgery. T-Test statistical analysis was done to compare the records. The results showed a statistically significant decrease of gingival appearance one month post-surgery by 3.30 mm. The modified lip repositioning technique showed positive results in terms of correcting gummy smile cases. However, further longitudinal studies with larger sample size are still needed to distinguish any possible relapse due to this technique.


Gummy smile; Lip repositioning; Pilot study; Gingivae

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