Mission & Objectives

Based on the Syrian PrivateUniversity vision to materialize one of its core objectivesrepresented by serving the society and providing it by highly qualifiedscientific cadres, the Syrian PrivateUniversity has worked diligently on constructing and equipping a new building explicitly designed for dental clinics. The Dental Clinics Complexcommenced functioning by the beginning of the 2012-2013 academic year.

The Dental Clinics Complexconsists of 2 floors, each containing 3 fully functioning dental clinics and 106 dental units in total. The newly constructed dental units serve with the already available one hundred units within the Faculty of Dentistry.

With a capacity exceeding two hundred dental units, SPU’Faculty of Dentistry has become the largest among all private universities in Syria, in respect to the quantity, quality and capacity of its dental clinics. That has enabled the faculty to admit and qualify a maximum number of dental students, and provide them with need skills and training on dental treatment and service, under supervision of the most prominent dentists in Syria.

Attachement Files

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