Director of Clinics Message

Dear students

It’s our pleasure that you have joined us in faculty of dentistry at Syrian Private University(SPU) to start the way to buildup your future. Faculty of dentistry aims to be unique in providing a high quality graduated dentists scientifically and ethically who will be able to continuously develop their qualifications according to modern global scientific standards to help in developing a unique dental health care provided for Syrian people.

This will be through delivering health services for all community groups getting benefits of cooperation agreements with different universities and local or international health societies. The faculty of dentistry will try also to participate in different economic, social, and cultural activities as well as pushing toward scientific research to help providing higher life quality for Syrian people.

Faculty of dentistry at Syrian Private Universityis proud to have the best doctors and professorswho have unique teaching experiences,and by their efforts our students reached the highest level in the scientific knowledge and that was obvious according to the provided distinctive treatment services which is superior when compared with theservices provided by best privatedental clinics in Syria.

Always we promise to provide the best and we usually fulfill our promises.


Dr. Jihad Albardan


Attachement Files

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