Scientific Cooperation Agreements

The Syrian Private University, through the agreements it concluded, aims to achieve the following:
1. Exchange educational and research experiences with prestigious foreign universities in order to raise the quality of education in the university and to control and ensure its quality until reaching international accreditation.

2. Host high caliber, prominent and experienced professors and lecturers to contribute in teaching and scientific research activities at the university.
3. Improve the efficiency of the university professors by benefitting of the experiences of the cooperating universities’ professors.

4. Ensure and facilitate the admission of SPU graduates  in post-graduate studies (Master, PhD).
5. Activate students exchange with the cooperating universities, to offer SPU students opportunities to attend some courses or workshops at those universities.

6. Organize conferences, seminars, workshops and joint scientific research seminars.
7. Work on linking the university outputs with the community by directing and linking the SPU research and educational activities to the requirements and needs of the community.
8. Develop research and scientific initiatives and statistical studies those contribute achieving the economic and social development’s goals

The cooperation agreements signed previously by the
Syrian PrivateUniversity and other universities are mentioned in the following

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