Society Service

The Syrian Private University realized that the university is an essential part of the society and has a great social responsibility through exercising its real role in the cognitive, economic and social development. The relationship between the university and society is depicted by  the university’s high participation and  interaction through preparing qualified and efficient human cadres  capable to develop the society

University objectives in serving the community:
- Cognitive objectives: They deal with all matters relevant to developing and extending  science and knowledge which can be achieved through students projects and applied scientific research to contribute developing the society and find solutions to medical, technical and administrative problems facing various sectors of the society.

- Economic objectives: They aim to develop the economy of the society by meeting the needs of its various sectors and provide them with their needs of qualified, competent and   experienced human resources to lead the wheel of development and to overcome the economic problems facing the community.

- Social goals: They aim to develop the society and find appropriate solutions to the social problems facing it, and contribute to  extending the community’s culture and social awareness,  raise the level of university students’ awareness toward the surrounding situations through organizing seminars, lectures and conferences, in addition to students and professors’ participation in voluntary campaigns which  promote the concept of participation and collective actions and sympathy to others


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