SPU President’s Message


A Haven of Excellence


Welcome to the Syrian Private University, a leading independent institution of higher education in Syria and the region. Since its foundation in 2005, SPU’s faculty, students and administration have worked diligently and collaboratively to enable our university to become a trend-setter in Syria.

A modern university’s focal raison d'être is to provide the enabling environment that prepares today’s outstanding students to become the leaders of tomorrow. A set of well-defined, life-long skills, knowledge base, and aptitudes is a young graduate’s insurance in the competitive job market of the 21st century. The ability to compete is concomitant with empowering our graduates with the empowering tools for autonomous lifelong learning beyond SPU.

Contrary to common misconceptions, the focus on quality teaching and training does not translate into a disregard for other functions of modern institutions of higher education. The quality of teaching is intricately connected with the standards that a university expects from its academic staff, including the breadth and depth of their knowledge, their disciplinary prowess, and their dedication to the whole process of harnessing and transferring knowledge. This is why we at SPU place utmost importance on the faculty’s continual contribution to up-to-date refereed research. A modern university without the impetus and incentives for cutting-edge research is nothing but a glorified high school. A tour in SPU’s Scientific Research Gate is a window into a world of excellence and commitment to quality assurance and relevance. Awards are granted on a regular basis to all publications that our faculty members contribute in their respective disciplines.

SPU’s administration understands the significant social, economic, and cultural roles of the higher education institutions of tomorrow. Generous funds are allocated, in collaboration with the Student Union, to organize year-round cultural, professional, and recreational activities for the student population, ensuring an inclusive process of socialization that emphasizes appreciation of diversity, pluralism, goodwill, and a better understanding of the world beyond.

Our commitment to excellence means building bridges with local, regional and international partners to share best practices, encourage student mobility, and provide platforms for scientific research. That same commitment means that we have to strive continually for upgrading curricula, revising academic and administrative processes, and raising quality to meet the highest international standard. To this goal, we believe that SPU has become a haven for excellence that contributes to upward mobility of its students and to the sustainable development of our country.


Prof. Dr. Nazir Ibrahim

President, SPU


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