Treatment of children of the child friend association in the clinics of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Syrian Private University

In the framework of her keenness to perform her effective role in the society and her national duty as an educational institution, the Faculty of Dentistry at the Syrian Private University, under the supervision of Dr. Zaid Ataya, member of the faculty of the College, On them of caries.

During the past two weeks, two visits were made to the children of the association for dental clinics. Each visit was attended by ten children who had dental treatments required by students and professors. The college provided toothpaste and toothpaste to encourage them to brush their teeth and keep them safe.

The College of Dentistry will continue to organize visits for children of the Child's Friend Association: During the second semester, students and faculty doctors will make every effort to serve our children and help them to cope with the difficult surrounding conditions.

The Friends of the Child Society welcomes children after school time to practice various activities that develop their abilities and talents. The children are between the ages of 6-15 years. The Association is supported by the Syrian Secretariat and SOS in Syria.

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