The flow of oil and gas wells and the ways to treat them and control them

Faculty of Petroleum Engineering at the Syrian Private University held a lecture delivered by Dr. Eng. Najah Al Ali entitled (The flow of oil and gas wells and ways to treat and control them). On Saturday 26/12/2015 at the headquarters of the temporary college Institute of Martyr Bassel al-Assad.

The lecture was attended by the Vice President of the University, Dr. Riyad Al-Ghazi, the Dean of the College of Petroleum Engineering, Dr. Amerghbara and a number of professors and students.

The lecture addressed the issue of the rush of oil wells and gas, which is a problem that occurs when there is pressure column of drilling fluid in the well and this leads to the induction of class barriers towards the well.

This phenomenon is addressed by measures and steps, divided into preparatory logistics steps related to the safety factor around the dredger and technical steps of pulling the dredge platform over the head of the well and installing the surge barriers

And follow the steps of killing the well to prepare a new plan to complete the drilling and put the well in production.

The lecture included a practical example of the burst of the Swedish well 575 in the Syrian fields and the executive steps were presented in a short film.

In conclusion, Dr. Najih Al Ali answered all the questions posed by the professors and students present on the subject.

The Special Syrian University thanks Dr. Najah Al Ali for this valuable lecture and the valuable information he provided to the students and wishes him the best of luck and further tender.

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