Activity of Arabic for special purposes

The University Requirements Unit has established an activity related to Arabic language under the title of "Methodology for the Preparation of Oral and Written Reports". This activity is related to the second practical test in the Arabic language for special purposes, which focuses on a problem study (academic, administrative or communicative) The first year students at the Syrian Private University face the methodological steps taken to deal with some problem of formulating the questionnaires necessary to survey the opinions of the group under study, analyze them, draw their reasons and conclusions, and stand on the recommendations and proposals that will contribute to solving them. Limit them.

The whole activity focuses on a range of important educational outputs:

1 - Framing the skills, tasks and language functions studied during the semester in a language activity, which will allow students to provide an integrated project on the problem of the problems they face in their first year of study; to shed light on them, and provide them according to their own vision.

2 - Learn the methodology of scientific research and controls.

3 - Learn the origins of academic writing in different aspects.

4 - Learn the methods of drafting the questionnaires and the conditions required to be available.

5 - Learn the steps of writing reports.

6 - Raising the level of efficiency of students in writing in Arabic and experience in writing methods and construction.

7 - Raising the level of verbal competence of students, especially with regard to the skills of dumping and presentation.

8 - Dedicate the concept of teamwork and acquire the communication skills necessary for success.

9 - Transfer students from the descriptive education curriculum to the self-learning curriculum, which adopts the philosophy of interactive methods of communication.

It is noteworthy that this activity was organized distributed to several sessions attended by students in the first year of the university divided into several groups.

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