Participation of the Syrian University for the annual anniversary of the establishment of Human Resources Management Association

The Syrian Private University, represented by its President Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sheikh Issa, participated in the 9th annual celebration of the establishment of Human Resources Management Association.

The participation of the university as a strategic partner of the Association in the development and development of human cadres and qualify them to enter the labor market competition through training workshops that are held periodically in cooperation between the university and the association.

It is worth mentioning that the ceremony was held at the Amaya Hotel on Wednesday 3/3/2016 in the presence of the Minister of Social Affairs and a number of important administrative figures in the society. The Association honored the President of the University for supporting the Association in achieving its objectives which are centered on the development and development of the human element And the public relations team at the university for their cooperation with the Association in coordinating and organizing the training workshops and securing their requirements to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the establishment.

The family of the Syrian Private University wishes the Society for Human Resources Management more prosperity and for those who have the time to succeed and give more

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