Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy visit the Ibn Zahr Pharmaceutical Factory in a scientific trip

The Faculty of Pharmacy at the Syrian Private University organized a scientific trip for its students to Ibn Zahir Pharmaceutical Factory under the supervision of Dr. Rashid Al-Munajjid. On Thursday, 25/2/2016, the laboratory administration welcomed the visitors and presented a video about the history of the lab and its stages of development over the past years. Manufactured and produced.

Then the students were divided into two groups to visit the sections of the lab under the supervision of a number of pharmacists who gave a detailed explanation about the production department and the packaging and laboratories and the research department and answered the questions and queries of all students

The family of the Syrian Private University thanks the management of the Ibn Zuhr lab and its staff for the good reception of its students, the scientific information and the valuable process they have provided them and wishes the Ibn Zuhr lab further prosperity and the success and success of its staff.

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