The participation of Dr. Talal Nahlawi as a lecturer from the Syrian Private University in two conferences in India

Dr. Talal Al Nahlawi, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Syrian Private University, as well as many international and local lecturers, participated in the 8th International Conference of Dental Students at the Honorable invitation of the Dental Surgeons Association of India (DSAI) and the Indian Dental Students Association. And the Second Conference of Indian Dental Surgeons, held at KLE University, Belgaum, India, between 9 and 10 April 2016.

Dr. Nahlawi was invited as a key lecturer. He gave a 45 minute lecture on the treatment of endothelial dentistry and addressed it to the subjects of the treatment of high-bending ducts and the treatment of the Ledges as a mixture of the complications of endodontic treatment and the treatment of the procedures of the re-treatment of the failed treatment cases.

Dr. Talal Al Nahlawi, during his lecture to the Syrian Private University, spoke about the system of study, the number of students and the services offered to its students and its excellence within the Syrian universities.

In addition to his participation as a lecturer, he was assigned to chair one of the sessions and was chosen as one of the arbitrators in the student posters competition with the participation of more than 350 contestants and contestants.

The conference was marked by a large number of participants, which exceeded 1,400 participants from all over India.

At the end of the conference Dr. Al Nahlawi was selected by the Advisory Board of Dental Surgeons Association and Dental Students Welfare Associations of India to offer advice and contribute to the dissemination of the principles of dentistry worldwide.

The Syrian Private University is proud of Dr. Talal Nahlawi as one of its distinguished family members and wishes him more success and excellence in his career and career.

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