Deans of the faculties of dentistry at public and private universities meet at Syrian Private University

Faculty of Dentistry at the Syrian Private University invited the deans of the faculties of dentistry at the private and governmental universities in Syria to a meeting under their patronage on Thursday 4/8/2016 at Damascus Hotel.

The meeting was attended by the President of the Syrian Private University Prof. Dr. Mohammad Al-Ghazi, his deputy for administration and students, Dr. Marwan Al-Hajji, the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Syrian Private University, Dr. Osama Ibrahim, his deputy for scientific affairs, Dr. Talal Nahlawi, and his deputy for administrative affairs. Dentistry in public and private universities.

The meeting began with welcoming remarks by the President of the Syrian Private University and his Deputy for Administrative Affairs, Students Affairs and Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry. They also addressed the importance of this valuable meeting aimed at developing the educational process and improving the quality of educational outputs in all faculties of dentistry. public and private universities, as reflected positively on the development and the development of the quality of health care in the year of our beloved Syria.

The meeting included several important points in its agenda on teaching practical difficulties in the current circumstances of each country's college and study plans for dental colleges and courses equivalent to facilitate the transfer of students from one university to another.

It also included a discussion about the scientific activities in the faculties and the promotion of the participation of students and faculty members from several faculties in these activities, training courses and evaluation of the experience of a number of faculties in this field as well as scientific competitions, Damascus University competition for scientific research, Cooperation in this field and in the field of scientific research between public universities and private universities, inviting public universities and private university professors to arbitration, and seeking, for example, to start a scientific research survey survey filled forms from a number of faculties of dentistry and with the participation of researchers from E colleges.

The meeting also discussed the relationship with the Ministry of Higher Education, and proposals to address the difficulties in this area.
And the possibility of a student to study the separation of another university and student exchanges and other important matters aimed at improving the educational process in Syria.

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