Visit to Ultra Medica for Pharmaceutical Industry in Maaret Sednaya

 Among the scientific activities of the faculty of pharmacy and in the framework of activating of the Students Training Office, the  office manager pharmacists Yaman Khuli and the office’s members Ani Safaryan and Muna Shaheen visted Ultra Medica factory for Pharmaceutical Industry in Maaret Sednaya to supervise the students training. A meeting was held with the factory administrative manager Mr. Waleed Kalhus, the production manager Dr. Sulaiman, the laboratory manager Dr. Irksusi and the technical manager Dr. Firyal Kalhus organized. The importance of the of students’ training and link the theoretical study plan with the practical training. The students’ performance and their commitment to working hours and factory’s special regulations were discussed. The students must present a briefing about the training and explanation of their training program throughout all factory’s sections for the benefits of other students. A present from the Syrian Private University was presented to the factory.
The Students Training Office thanks the university directorate represented by its president Prof. Dr. Riad Al Ghazzi and, the university vice president for administrative and student affairs Prof. Dr. Marwan Al Hajji and the dean of the faculty of pharmacy Prof. Dr. Isam Hasn Agha for their steady interest and support. The office thanks also the university’s dear students for their commitment and reflecting an ideal image of the Syrian Private University.

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