The Meeting of the General Assembly of the Faculty of Dentistry.

 The Meeting of the General Assembly of the Faculty of Dentistry.

The university presidency, represented by the university president, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Ghazzi, vice-president for administrative affairs and students, Prof. Dr. Marwan Al-Hajji, and his vice-president for scientific and research affairs, Prof. Dr. Nazir Ibrahim, met with the faculty of dentistry in the presence of the dean, Dr. Ousama Ibrahim and his scientific and administrative staff on Thursday 29/9/2016.

The meeting started by introducing the dean of the faculty to the new technical and teaching staff and explaining the faculty plan for the academic year 2016/2017, then he explained the new college facilities, the objectives of their use, the importance of the national colloquium exam and motivating students to achieve the highest grades.

The administrative vice-president also discussed the decision No. 21, its details and its positive impact on the high grades of the faculty. The scientific vice-president stressed the importance of scientific research and encouraged students from the beginning of the academic year to prepare their research and stressed the importance of following up to obtain the highest grades in the national colloquium exam.

The university president concluded the meeting with a guiding speech for the teaching staff to motivate them to perform their duties to the fullest extent. He stressed the need to pay attention to all students at all levels of study. He answered all the inquiries of the educational staff and wished success to all.

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