The deanship of the faculty of medicine held an extensive meeting in Damascus Hospital

 The deanship of the faculty of medicine held an extensive meeting in Damascus Hospital


 Based on the study plan of the faculty of medicine to develop the educational vocational and process for its students, and on its new projects in dealing with its senior students as an attending assistant.

The deanship of the faculty of medicine represented by its dean, the university vice president for scientific affairs and research president Prof. Dr. Nazir Ibrahim and the faculty vice dean  Prof. Dr. Kamal Al Hamasneh held in the presence of the director general of the General Establishment of Damascus Hospital, and supervising physicians an extensive meeting with the graduates of the faculty of medicine at the Syrian Private University attendants, senior students, the administrative committee of the National Union of Syrian Students and the major attendant in all Damascus Hospital ‘ departments and sections.

The dean of the faculty of medicine opened the meeting with a directive a word explained in it the details of the next stage and encouraged the students to keep on being distinctive ambassador of the Syrian Private University. He listened to the students’ ideas and proposals and treated their problems. He presented the executive work mechanism of the faculty of medicine’s plan to make this scientific initiative and the cooperation between Damascus Hospital physicians and the SPU student and teaching staff, a success. He praised on the well cooperation between the faculty of medicine and Damascus Hospital represented by its director general and cadre, He stressed on the importance of such cooperation to make the teaching and vocational process a success.

 Dr. Haitham Al Husaini emphasized in turn on offering all facilities, means and cooperation to have distinctive physicians and put all hospital potentials at the disposal of the teaching process. The deans stressed on the students’ attendance and pursue succeeding this step due to its contribution in enhancing and developing clinical skills.


 At the end of meeting,

the dean and the vice dean of the faculty of medicine met the faculty’s graduates in the presence of the supervising physicians, praised their distinctive presence at all hospitals they work for. He called for training their colleagues and contributes in scientific research to raise high the name of their university in all international scientific events. He thanked the entire faculty’s staff for their scientific and practical efforts expressed by the outstanding results of the SPU students in the clinical interviews of the Unified National Examination surpassing most of other universities.

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