Contribution of Dr. Suad Abboud in the The 18th conference of Syrian dentists syndicate

 Contribution of Dr. SuadAbboud in the The 18th conference of Syrian dentists syndicate



Dr. Suad Abboud, teaching staff of the faculty of dentistry at the Syrian Private University participated in the 18th conference of dentists syndicate with a lecture entitled; “Postoperative Sensitivity in Resin Composite Restorations-Problems &      Solutions”.

Scientific meeting on "Cone Beam Computed Tomography CBCT" at the faculty of dentistry

Drastic changes in the remedial process are unavoidable due to the great and rapid development and in dental adhesives

The modern dental adhesive materials proved positive results of good bond with both enamel and dentin. It is very important that a general practitioner should know that the success in adhesive   restorations in not only related to development in the materials properties and application techniques, but also on his acquired knowledge and skills, which in turn are related to the materials properties, limitation and proper application.  

 Despite the great scientific development in remedial treatment, gingival coloring, microscopic infiltration and postoperative sensitivity are some reasons of failed adhesive restorations. Many studies show that 30% of composite restorations are associated with postoperative sensitivity. Certainly, striking beauty and ton compatibility are of no value if the patient suffer from such sensitivity.

The lecture shed light on this problem, it different reasons related to diagnosis, preparation, restoration techniques, how to avoid it, and suggested solutions.

The lecture was received by high interest of the participants and audience.   


The Syrian Private University wishes Dr. Suad Abboud further 

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