Qeyam team visited SPU

 On Saturday, 19/11/2016, a team of "Values ​​Center" visited SPU to disseminate ethical values ​​in the family and society. A number of children and adolescents under the project:

"Enabling the participation of young people and young people and enhancing their participation in civil and environmental work" ...
Where the team distributed awareness leaflets in some classrooms for students of various faculties of the university, with multiple addresses:
• Citizenship and environmental protection.
• Electronic waste ... the problem of the times.
• Renewable energies hope for a better future.
• National environmental campaigns.
• For a healthy and safe home.
• Safe and safe disposal of household waste.
• Proper and safe handling with fertilizers and pesticides.
• Preparation of organic fertilizers.
The Syrian Private University remains an important link for integrating science into society by opening its doors to awareness-raising activities and community services that have an impact on the dissemination of science ethics and close societal relations.
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