A scientific day about liver diseases

 The Syrian Private University, in cooperation with the Syrian Society for Digestive Diseases, organized a scientific day on liver diseases / viral hepatitis and liver lipid, on the runway of the Faculty of Medicine at the university.

Prof. Mohammed Maher Al-Mujtahad, the university president, inaugurated the scientific day, where he praised the progress made by the working team at the Syrian Private University in various fields in order to promote the educational process and the scientific movement. The president also outlined the importance of this scientific day from the importance of the liver as a member of the human body Then the President of the Syrian Association of Digestive Diseases, Dr. Nazir Ibrahim, gave an introductory lecture on the risk of infection of the viral liver by health workers.
The beginning of the scientific program with Dr. Nizam El-Hadji was a lecture on viral hepatitis measures followed by a lecture by Dr. Mellad Haddad about viral hepatitis c.

The first session was concluded with a lecture on vaccines and neonatal prevention of hepatitis B by Dr. Raed Abu Harb.

After a short break, the lecture series began for the second session, which was the beginning with Prof. Dr. Nabil Assa, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University on Metabolic Syndrome followed by a lecture by Dr. Nazir Ibrahim on liver fat and hepatitis.

Dr. Maher Khadr delivered a lecture on surgery and its role in the treatment of liver fat associated with obesity.
The discussion and questions related to the subject of the seminar were then opened and the students' questions were answered by the lecturers.

A student competition was held that included questions from the lectures given on this scientific day. After the correction of the answers, a number of valuable prizes were distributed to the winners. The first winner was awarded a laptop computer provided by the management of the Syrian International Private Hospital for encouraging knowledge and education. Other awards were distributed to the winners.
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