Faculty of Dentistry holds a reception and welcome for new students for the academic year 2012 -2013

The Faculty of Dentistry at the Syrian Private University held a session of welcome and acquaintance for new students in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Osama Ibrahim and a group of faculty members and the technical faculty.

The session was opened with a speech by Dr. Osama Ibrahim, who welcomed the new students. He presented a brief about the College of Dentistry at the Syrian Private University, its vision, objectives and mission of preparing the graduate who is highly qualified scientifically and morally and capable of constantly developing his skills and information according to the latest international scientific data. Thus contributing to community service. The Dean of the College also addressed in his speech a simplified explanation of the new study plan and the system of credit hours and departments of the college and the language of teaching.
Then the administrative agent Dr. Ghassan Al-Wazir spoke to the students and explained the mechanism of communication with the Deanship and affirmed his readiness to help the students and answer all their questions at any time.
Then read the word of the scientific agent d. Talal Nahlawi, who in turn welcomed the students and talked about the equivalence of materials for the movers and the modern study plan.
Then a number of heads of departments and lecturers also welcomed the students and provide a simplified and brief explanation of each section and its importance to its resolution:

Dr.. Ghayath Fatima: Head of Life Sciences
Prof. Mohamed Tenawy: Head of Pediatric Dentistry
Dr.. Ibrahim Turkmani: Head of Mobile Compensation
Prof. Mohamed Arabi Katabi: Head of Fixed Compensation Department.
Dr.. Qutaiba Haddad: Head of Surgery
Dr.. Hadi Bilal: Head of Anatomy Department.
Dr.. Rana Haj Hussein: Lecturer in the Department of Dental Therapeutics
Dr.. Mohammed Al-Shalak: Head of Oral Medicine
Dr. Faisal Diop: Lecturer in the Department of Dental Treatment.
Dr.. Fadia Deeb: Lecturer in the Department of Fixed Compensation.

The students then went to the guest table prepared by the College for students, where they spent a short break and a short acquaintance before heading to the new dental clinics accompanied by the Dean of the College and his deputies and members of the educational body. In these clinics, which are developed and very distinctive in order to help students to get the hands-on training for their professional success.
This session left the impact and good impression of all new students.

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