Faculty of Human Medicine and in cooperation with Damascus Hospital holds weekly scientific sessions for its students

As part of the periodic scientific events organized by the Faculty of Medicine at the Syrian Private University, the Faculty of Medicine, in cooperation with the doctors of Damascus Hospital, organizes a scientific session every week, during which it presents a specific case of illness. The situation is discussed among the professors and doctors and with the participation of the students of the Faculty of Medicine. The conclusion of the expert opinion.

The attached pictures are from a session on Wednesday 18/12/2013, which was about the condition of a patient with colonic polyps proved to be healthy and the other is leaked and how to deal with each medical, either through gastrointestinal techniques or surgical intervention.

This session was held with the participation of:

Professor Asim Qubtan Professor of General Surgery and Professor Nazir Ibrahim Professor of digestive diseases in the Faculty of Medicine.

It is worth mentioning that these scientific sessions greatly interest the student, which can be read through the volume of attendance and participation in questions and discussion.

The Faculty of Medicine is keen to maintain and maintain these events regularly weekly.

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