SPU family holds a ceremony honoring the former university president and his deputy

Syrian Private University held on 6/1/2013 a ceremony honoring Professor Mohammad Maher Al-Mujtahid, the former President of the University and also the Vice-President of the University for the former administrative affairs Professor Dr. Abdel Halim Mansour. In the presence of the University President Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sheikh Issa and his deputies, The University President thanked Dr. Mohammed Maher Al-Mujtahad for his efforts during his presidency of the University from 1/9/2011 until 19/11/2013. He also thanked Dr. Abdel Halim Mansour Ali He made an effort during his tenure President of the University and Vice-President of the University from 4/6/2010 until 31/12/2013 wishing them on behalf of the family of the Syrian Private University all health and success ...
After that, souvenirs were presented and the honored teachers expressed their gratitude and thanks to the university family for this honor.

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