Handwashing campaign under the slogan of hand washing saves the lives of children

Faculty of Dentistry at the Syrian Private University organized in cooperation with the Syrian Society for Infection Control and in coordination with the Institute of Martyr Bassel Al-Assad the clean hands campaign under the slogan

"Handwashing saves children's lives" on 27-28 \ 04 \ 2014

- Participated in the activities of this campaign a number of volunteer students from the Faculty of Dentistry under the supervision of Professor Dr. Osama Ibrahim Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry

- The subject was presented to students in a childish way through videos including songs about germs and how quickly they spread and how to fight them through the cleanliness of the hands and a video was presented about the six stages of hand washing.

After that, the children applied what they saw in a practical way in the courtyard of the school at the taps where volunteers volunteered to wash their hands in the presence of children and in the same way they saw in the video.

- Two bags of paper towels and 2 soap were distributed to children in the school who expressed their gratitude for the usefulness of this campaign in the prevention of diseases through the words of thanks and gratitude they gave to the team involved in this campaign.

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