Meeting with the General Assembly in the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine at the Syrian Private University held a meeting to gather members of the educational and administrative staff at the College in the presence of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sheikh Issa and the Dean of the College Dr. Nazir Ibrahim and his deputies

A number of important topics were discussed at the college. The dean of the college and the university president talked about important matters related to the course of the teaching process and administrative matters in the college in particular and the university in general

The President of the University listened to the interventions and inquiries of professors and staff and answered their questions and asked those who need to follow up some matters for the public interest

At the end of the meeting, the distinguished employee was honored at the Faculty of Medicine. The employee Hanadi Zwaiter received a certificate of appreciation and thanked her by the dean of the college and the president of the university, the title of the time of success and more success and giving

Attachement Files

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