Director of the Syrian Private University Hospital follows the activities of the second clinical training course

Dr. Beihas Wakkaf, the director of the educational university hospital and member of the supervisory board of clinical training, attended the course from practical training to real patients to clinical training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the ambulance department. He also participated in the clinical question-solving session where he spent five hours reading all the activities Training.

This session was followed by a joint session of Dr. Bihs with the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the supervising doctors. He expressed great admiration for the level and methods of clinical training. It was also agreed to formulate joint proposals to support such courses so that next year, The University Hospital Administration, in cooperation with the University, provides all necessary support to maintain and develop the level of these courses.

A meeting was held between the Director of the Damascus Hospital and the Director of the University Hospital and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. The impression was one and a thank-you was extended to the Deanship of Medicine at this level of performance and planning. In turn, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine pointed out that these efforts combined for many professors of the Faculty of Medicine, From the Directorate of Public Relations and Marketing at the University and that the real result is what we see from the commitment of students and their keenness to attend the full session until the end of the third week.

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