meeting between teaching staff of Faculty of Business Administration and SPU President

A meeting was held between the Faculty of Business Administration and the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sheikh Issa, in the presence of his deputies, Dr. Adel Nofal, the scientific deputy and Mr. Marwan El-Hajji, administrative deputy.

The meeting started with a summary by Prof. Bassil Khoury, Dean of the College of Business Administration, on the educational and administrative process in the College during the past year and what it seeks in the current year 2014-2015.

The university president thanked the college for its efforts in the past year and called on all to intensify efforts to activate the activities, workshops and training related to enhancing the labor market skills of the students so that the graduate of the Faculty of Business Administration at the Syrian Private University can enter With merit and high efficiency in the future labor market competition "and thus be a true ambassador to the university wherever it is.

The President emphasized several important points, including the need for students to adhere to the course. And the importance of encouraging them to strengthen the skills of English language, and invited the members of the faculty and administrative to put forward new ideas to help in the development of the educational process and management at the College, expressing "the support of the presidency of the full University of what the Faculty needs to be the most distinguished" among its counterparts in other universities.

After that, Prof. Adel Nofal made a valuable intervention in which he stressed the importance of activating the training courses for the students of the Faculty of Business Administration, and that the professor be a friend of the student to help him, guide him and support him in his scientific achievement until after graduation.

"There have been valuable interventions by the faculty as they have put forward many ideas and proposals that contribute to the scientific advancement of the students and to qualify them in practice to be able to achieve success and excellence in their career in the future."

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