Oncology day for medical students against hepatitis B

In implementation of "the recommendations contained in the scientific research published in" Hepatitis Research and Treatment ", which was conducted at the Syrian Private University and published on behalf of Dr. Nazirabrahim and student Omar Idris, and in order" from the Faculty of Medicine to implement the recommendations of research, in line with " For students of medical colleges, the Deanship of the Faculty of Medicine carried out a vaccination day against hepatitis at Al-Mujtahid Hospital and under the supervision of the Community Medicine Department.

On this occasion, the Faculty of Medicine wishes to thank the Minister of Health for his encouragement and to the Director of Health of Damascus for his great cooperation and to the Director of Damascus Hospital.

The vaccine will be documented on a regular vaccine label in the name of the Syrian Private University.

Protecting health workers, including medical students, from the risk of hepatitis B is a national goal and duty. And the Faculty of Medicine at the Syrian Private University, working to perform this duty and to protect all its students from this disease

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