The second part of the first stage of the SPU Best Talent

In continuation of the stages of testing the performance of the participants in the SPU Best Talent competition, organized by the Syrian Private University in cooperation with the National Union of Syrian Students, the Syrian Private University Branch, on Wednesday 11/3/2015 the talents of students participating in the talent of representation and poetry were recognized in the presence of the jury Dr. Tawfiq Younis, director Hossam El Kilani, Ms. Carol Nouna and a large number of students and professors at the university where the students presented their contributions and listened to the views of the Committee with an atmosphere of fun and entertainment.

Finally, the names of the students who qualified for the next stage were announced. The winners of the SPU Best Talent are:

About the talent of poetry:

Mohammed Hawadri - Ahmed Abu Qora - Hussein Musa - Aghid Sultan - Mohammed Al-Shawhan

About the talent of acting:

Zaid Kalho - Good February - Timar Horsan - Myriam El Khoury - Bassel El Shaar

The Syrian Private University is proud of all its students and wishes them all success in their studies and lasting brilliance in their talents.

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