Participation of the University in the annual ceremony of the Society of Human Resources Management

The Syrian Private University represented by the Vice President of the University Director of Public Relations and Marketing Ms. Nadia Al-Gazi and a number of university students at the eighth annual celebration of the founding of the Human Resources Management Association. The ceremony was attended by a large number of dignitaries in the community. Members of the Association for their efforts during the past year in the provision of workshops and training in the fields of human development was also honored the President of the Syrian Private University. Abdulrazaq Sheikh Issa for his cooperation with the Association during 2014 in achieving its objectives in spreading the culture and practices of human resources management in academic institutions. The certificate of honor was received on his behalf by Dr. Marwan Al Hajji, Vice President.

The family of the Syrian Private University wishes the society success and prosperity.

Attachement Files

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