Graduation project for students of the Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering

Under the title "Designing and Implementing a Smart Car Model," students Hisham Mezher, Anis Deyer and Mamoun Janabieh presented the graduation project in the Computer and Control Department and the Communications and Networking Section, Ali Skaff. The car can operate via the built-in control system either automatically so that it can avoid the detected obstacles by ultrasonic sensors. In the remote control mode, the car can be controlled from the computer by a developer application using a C # environment or from a smartphone by the Android application, either via a Bluetooth connection channel. The mechanical parts and electric motors that operate on the batteries of the movement in all directions. The vehicle is also equipped with a GPS model that enables the user to know the coordinates of the vehicle's location for the purpose of determining the route.

The implementation model represents a development environment that can be used to develop future projects in the college by adding a camera and a mechanical arm to become an intelligent robot that can be used in dangerous environments, such as developing intelligent search algorithms.

The Syrian Private University is proud of its students and wishes them more excellence and success

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