The course of CTCT in the Faculty of Dentistry 8 - 20 April 2015

A free course was held at the Faculty of Dentistry (CCCT) in the period 8-20 April 2015, in which 80 students from the Faculty of Dentistry as well as some doctors participated in the course. The course was sponsored by Ebdaa Engineering Development Company

The course included theoretical lectures on the introduction of modern technology in the three-dimensional imaging of CBCT, with the presentation of clinical cases were filmed and the use of the diagnosis of images taken in the method of CABCT, and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shalak, a faculty member of the Faculty of Dentistry presented clinical cases in the form of CBCT.

The course included a practical aspect that was completed in the computer lab in the Faculty of Dentistry, where the participants were trained to take the various sections and study them through the analysis of clinical cases under the supervision of the lecturers from Ibdaa Engineering Development Company

Attachement Files

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