Activity entitled Arabic language for special purposes

On Sunday, July 26, 2015, the University Requirements Unit, Department of Arabic Language, organized an activity entitled "interactive dialogue presentation".

This activity is part of the tests for the Arabic language for special purposes. It is the second practical test that focuses on measuring the productivity of the students' productive language through the framing of the skills, tasks and language functions studied during the summer semester in a comprehensive language activity. To provide an opportunity for them to present an integrated project on a phenomenon of social, health and environmental phenomena that are widespread in the Syrian society in order to shed light on them and to present them according to their own vision.

The student will complete the case that he has chosen and discussed with his colleagues during the hours of dialogue devoted to oral efficiency. He is working on transferring it from the private to the public by presenting a declaration that embodies this phenomenon, to be the starting point in his interactive presentation to colleagues and attendees, He explained the steps of his work and the difficulties he faced, concluding his speech with his evaluation of the test.

Attachement Files

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