Signing a scientific and academic cooperation agreement between the Syrian Private University and the Damascus Hospital

The Syrian Private University, represented by the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abdel Razzaq Sheikh Issa, signed with the General Authority of Damascus Hospital, represented by its Director General Dr. Adib Mahmoud, a scientific and academic cooperation agreement on Tuesday 22/09/2015

The agreement stipulates that the General Authority of Damascus Hospital, through a group of trainers and consultants and in cooperation with the faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine at the University, will train students in the clinical phase of their studies in its divisions and departments at all scientific levels and in specialized training rooms, Training and training, and the commitment to issue training certificates approved by all departments of the Authority.

The Damascus Hospital is appointed as the general supervisor for the training affairs approved by the university and the task of distributing the students to the people of the hospital and its departments and circulating among the different people and supervising the entire training process to ensure the greatest benefit for the students and is the link between the university and Damascus hospital.

Each of the parties can benefit from the scientific and academic capabilities available to the other party in order to participate in educational seminars in providing expertise and advice. The University undertakes to contribute in training the medical staff in the hospital and developing their scientific expertise in line with the development of education. Is a guaranteed automatic participation for anyone who wants to be shared by the hospital management.

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