Scientific activity in the Faculty of Pharmacy entitled What after graduation?

The Faculty of Pharmacy, in coordination with the Directorate of Public Relations and Marketing at the University, organized a scientific activity entitled "What after Graduation" was directed by Dr. Talal Ajlani, Secretary of the Syrian Pharmacists Syndicate and in the presence of Dean Dr. Essam Hassan Agha and a group of his professors and students of the fourth and fifth years.

Dr. Talal presented a summary of the pharmacist's fields of work after graduation. He also explained the importance of passing the national exam before starting the registration procedures of the Ministry of Health and the union.

He also pointed out during the meeting the issue of rural service and what are the alternatives for this service to obtain a permanent license for the profession, stressing at the end of the meeting on the need to be aware of the pharmacist and aware of the importance of his profession and to abide by ethics and to practice his profession hand in hand with his colleagues in order to raise the level of pharmaceutical work In syria.

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