Signing a scientific and academic cooperation agreement between the Syrian Private University and Al Zahrawi Hospital

Based on the joint desire of the Syrian Private University and the General Authority of Al Zahrawi Hospital for scientific and academic cooperation in the field of training of clinical students in the Faculty of Medicine at the Syrian Private University, a joint cooperation agreement was signed between the two parties.

The agreement stipulates that the General Authority of Al-Zahrawi Hospital shall train the students of the Faculty of Medicine at the clinical stage in its divisions and departments at all scientific levels and that the hospital shall provide all necessary to achieve this task.

The hospital will also appoint a general supervisor for the training affairs approved by the university and the task of distributing the students to the departments and the people of the hospital and their rotation among the people and supervising the training process.

The agreement also stipulates that the parties can benefit from the scientific and academic capabilities available to the other team. The University also undertakes to contribute to the training of medical staff in the hospital

The duration of the agreement is one clinical training year. In the event of a desire for renewal, this shall be written one month prior to the expiry of the term of the agreement

Attachement Files

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