Scientific activity in the Faculty of Pharmacy entitled counterfeit medicines in Syria

The Faculty of Pharmacy in cooperation with the Directorate of Public Relations and Marketing at the University held a scientific meeting on "Counterfeit medicines in Syria" in the presence of the Dean of the College, Dr. Essam Hassan Agha and a group of professors and students of the College on Monday, 30/11/11

During the meeting, Dr. Nader Shogalil, General Manager of Al-Faris Company for Pharmaceutical Industries presented a detailed explanation of the methods of knowing the counterfeit medical product and what are the mechanisms of forgery used in the local and international markets and the methods through which the counterfeit medicines are published, stressing during the lecture on the impact of these negative medicines socially and economically Dr. Shagallil talked about the ways in which the use of counterfeit medicines can be avoided and how this fraud affects the profession of pharmacy.

At the end of his lecture, Dr. Shagallil presented a summary of the experience of Al-Faris Laboratory in the discovery of counterfeit medicines and answered the inquiries of students and professors on this subject. The family of the Syrian Private University thanked Dr. Nader Shogall for accepting this invitation and presenting this valuable lecture. Prosperity

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