Scientific activity in the Faculty of Pharmacy entitled Modern techniques in the world of cosmetics

The Faculty of Pharmacy in cooperation with the Directorate of Public Relations and Marketing at the University held a scientific meeting on "New technologies in the world of cosmetics" in the presence of the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Essam Hassan Agha and a group of professors and students of the College on Monday 14/12/2015

During the meeting, Dr. Magda Al-Jokhi gave a detailed explanation on the techniques currently used in the world of beauty and different beauty measures from country to country and from age to age.

The techniques that were explained during the meeting (Botox, plasma, oxygen, ozone, miso, carboxy, laser, phototherapy, surgery ..) and how these techniques affect the nerve cells in the body and methods of use and give them and what drugs to prevent them when using these technologies , Dr. Magda talked about the factors that affect cell damage and lead to aging.

At the end of the lecture, the Dean of the College presented a certificate of thanks and appreciation to the Doctor for the valuable information she provided, wishing her success and further progress.

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