Lecture on Direct Seismic Indicators of Hydrocarbons in the Syrian Territorial Waters

The Faculty of Petroleum Engineering at the Syrian Private University hosted Dr. Mohammed Al-Souki to deliver a lecture entitled "Direct Seismic Indicators of Hydrocarbons in the Syrian Territorial Waters".

On Saturday 19/12/2015 at the headquarters of the temporary college Institute of Martyr Bassel Assad.

The lecture was attended by the Vice President of the University, Prof. Dr. Riyad Al-Ghazi, the Dean of the College of Petroleum Engineering, Dr. Amer Ghobra, and a number of professors and students.

The lecture dealt with hydrocarbon responsiveness in Syrian waters and the most important types of potential structural and strategical oil traps, and focused on the direct seismic evidence of the presence of hydrocarbons (gas).

The family of the Syrian Private University thanks Dr. Mohamed El Soukky for presenting this valuable lecture and wishes him success and further tender.

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