The Effectiveness of the Arabic Language Masterpieces

On the occasion of the International Day of the Arabic Language, the Syrian Special University held an event entitled "Masterpieces of Arabic Language" during which Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Ghazi presented a valuable lecture on the Arabic language at the temporary headquarters of the University on Sunday 20/12/2015.

The event was attended by the President of the University, his deputies, the deans of the faculties and a large number of professors and students. The most impressive event was attended by Dr. Mahmoud El Sayed, Chairman of the Committee for the Empowerment of the Arabic Language and a number of private and public university professors.

The lecture presented by Prof. Riyad Al-Ghazi included an overview of the importance of Arabic language and the date of its adoption by the United Nations General Assembly as an official language in the Organization's bodies and UNESCO's decision in 2012 to define the International Day of the Arabic Language.

Dr. Al-Ghazi also presented a detailed explanation on the language and the rhetoric of the language and distinguish it from others and hit a lot of examples of its magnificence and strength and flexibility and came with many common mistakes and corrections, and also some yarns that show the strength of this language and its potential and flexibility.

The conclusion was a speech by the Chairman of the Committee for the Empowerment of the Arabic Language Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sayed thanked the Syrian Private University for hosting in this wonderful event and called on everyone to follow the interest in Arabic language, which is characterized by the richness of vocabulary and characters and unlimited possibilities.

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