Signing a Memorandum of understanding between the Syrian Private University and Amirkabir University of Iran

The Syrian Private University, represented by its president Prof. Dr. Abdulrazak Cheikh Issa  and Amirkabir University of Iran, represented by its president Ahmad Mutamidi, a Memorandum of understanding to develop academic and cultural exchange in education, scientific research and other fields.

The extendable memorandum's validity is five years was signed on 7/2/2015.

The memorandum states the encouraging of cooperation between the two universities through any programs serving for academic and cultural exchange including researches and teaching courses; holding joint conferences, courses and symposia; training support and any other cooperation of mutual benefits.

An annex to this agreement related to the student scientific degrees was also signed. Accordingly, 15 Syrian Private University graduates nominated by the university itself are to be admitted annually for Master and PhD degrees programs at Amirkabir University.

According to the items of the Memorandum of understanding, the Syrian Private University will allocate an office in its head quarter to offer relevant information on the procedures of submitting the applications for admission at Amirkabir University. The office will offer consultancy to the Syrian Private University students interested in pursuing their postgraduate study at Amirkabir University, provided they will shoulder their due study fees, meanwhile Amirkabir University will offer them full support related to legal and administrative procedures, support their incorporation and help them to find a suitable residence during their stay.

Syrian Private President of the University

Prof. Dr. Abdulrazak Cheikh Issa 

Attachement Files

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