Congratulation of the Presidency of the University to all employees in the university and to all labors in our beloved homeland to the occasion of Labors day

Dear employees in the Syrian Private University and all labors in our beloved homeland.

The Syrian Private University extends its best congratulations and sincerest wishes to the occasion of Labor day on Sunday 01/05/2015, and appreciates highly the efforts of the university's employees, teaching staff and students which are oriented jointly to realize the university's goals represented by providing our homeland with graduates qualified with acquired sciences and culture to construct a bright future of beloved Syria.

The university appreciates too the efforts of all labors of our beloved homeland who save no intellectual and physical efforts in all working sectors as sincere citizens for the sake of their homeland's progress and prosperity.

As the Syrian Private University congratulates all employees in their fest, it wishes them a continuing luck and further givings, and asks God to lead them to the good of homeland.

Many happy returns of this occasion to you in welfare.

The Syrian Private  The Presidency of the University

The Syrian Private University

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