Instructions and advices to our sons, the students, concerning the examination process

Love and appreciation greeting to the Syrian Private University students, wishing them all luck and success in their examinations.

To harvest the fruit of their efforts and study and attain highest ranks, we would like to draw their attention to the followings: make sure of:

1- Being in examination's right time. No student will be allowed to enter the examination’s room after the start of the examination.

2- Bringing with the university ID card.

3- Turning the mobile phone off and hand it to the examination control secretary, or put it in your own bag.

4- Bringing with all examination necessities (pen, eraser, etc….), since university regulations don't allow hiring during the examination.

5- Bringing with calculator, since the use of mobile phone built-in calculator is not permitted.

6- The answer before filling the circles in MCQs examinations, to avoid the presence of two filled circles, even one of them is cancelled.

7- Reading the examinations' violations and penalties list and fully observance to it. Hardcopies of it were circulated to all faculties' advertisement boards, and a softcopy was put in the official university webpage and in its Face book page.

We ask our dear students to adhere to the aforesaid, and hope them not to hesitate to point to negativisms, if there are any, to tackle them for enhancing the examination process to the desired distinctive and professional level.

University vice president for administrative and students affairs

Prof. Dr. Marwan Al Hajji


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