The university vice president for scientific affairs instructive word at the beginning of the 1st semester examinations

On these days our dear students of all faculties study years are preparing to enter the final examinations after a semester of diligence, study and great efforts done by you and your teachers to pick the fruits of success and distinction.

As the examinations time approach, a state of justified apprehension and expectation arise among some students, which are called exam anxiety. Hence, we advise our students to orient their mental and scientific potentials and energies toward study and diligence.

examination is, in end effect, a measure to evaluate student's achievement, ability to learn, comprehend, memorize and retrieve the acquired knowledge in right time. The examinations' results, whatever they are, have no impact on students' humanitarian and social value, rather the desire and hope for better and higher marks those reflect their great efforts done throughout their academic life.

We wish our students all success, distinction and attaining positive results in the examinations, proportional with their efforts, activities and diligences all along the 2015-2016 1stsemester. We wish them realizing their hopes and ambitions, for which they work hard long nights sleeplessly.

We advise them to avoid unjustified exam anxiety, and trust in God first, and in their capabilities second, and be sure that their hopes and ambitions will be turned into success and superiority.

We hope that our sons, the students will fully adhere to examinations rules and instructions to ensure the integrity, partiality of the examination process, and the continuation of its high and distinctive performance.

University vice president for scientific affairs

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Raid Al Ghazi 

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