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In the course of the series of lectures held by the College of Petroleum Engineering to develop the skills of its students in the graduation phase and beyond, the College held a lecture in the presence of the Vice President for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Riad Al Ghazi, Dean of the College, Dr. Amer Ghobra and a group of professors and students. CMG to build the static and dynamic model of the oil field "presented by Dr. Najih Al Ali.

The lecture included an explanation of the CMG modeling program and its properties and fields of use on various oil fields.

A typical case study of a high viscosity / oil field was presented, extrapolation of future results and production scenarios, and increasing the yield factor of the field by changing the parameters and increasing their productive efficiency.

In addition to the proposals provided by the program after a period of time from the start of production until the final stages of the life of the reservoir.

The family of the Syrian Private University thank Dr. Najih Al Ali for this valuable lecture and wish him success and further tender.

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