Announcement for request of quotations proposal to provide and install (80) dental units

The Syrian Private University announces its need to request quotations for the provision and installation of (80) dental units according to the technical conditions attached to this declaration.

With the reference that the provision and installation of units will be at the university's permanent site in Khayarat Danoun - Alkaswa - Deir Ali junction.

Applicants with experience and specialization must submit their technical and financial proposals accompanied by a certified check on behalf of the Syrian Private University equivalent to (5%) of the value of the financial offer submitted in the Central University Office located at Mazzeh Atostrad - opposite Al-Jalaa stadium.

Until the end of working hours on Tuesday, 25/6/2019.

For inquiries, call 0935550380                          

President of the Syrian Private University

        Prof. Nazir Ibrahim


((Basic specifications of dental units at minimum((

     1.The dental units shall be new and not renewed and shall be made in a modern date determined by the seller.

2.The electrical units are powered by 220 V 50 Hz with an internal transformer that switches from 220 V to 24 V and 12 V or less or more depending on the requirements of the machine and the seller determines the capacity of the chair at maximum load.

3.The chair must be able to carry and lift the weight of not less than 150 kg medium.

4. The movements of the chair should work smoothly without shaking .

5. The chair should have a memory set for different positions, including memory for patient-fainting and the zero memory.

6. The dental unit should be equipped with a large wide tray for tools and connected with a flexible and balanced arm.

7.With excellent halogen lighting; it is better for the light to be a scalable led with a hand-sensitive sensor for hygiene purposes, plus an on-off button and light on a flexible, balanced arm.

8. It should be equipped with 2  water  and air syringe, one on the left side of the chair for dental help.

9. The unit shall be made up of three double and two quadrilateral turbine sockets.

10. Provide the possibility of supplying the syringe and the turbine from the main water or from the water supply within the dental unit.

11. The dental unit should be equipped with a saliva and surgical suctions that work with the aerobic vacuum and operate automatically as soon as the suction is removed from its place, and the suctions are fitted with a filter.

12. The chair furniture should be of excellent quality, resistant and non-absorbent.

13. The surfaces of the dental unit should be sterilized with suitable surface sterilizers without being affected or painted in a non-responsive or non-removable manner.

14. The unit should be equipped with an air pressure regulator and a moisture trap and equipped with a filter for the inside water.

15. The possibility to control the movement of the chair and orders by the foot pedal in addition to the control through the tray and the board of assistance and that the movements of the chair equipped with a microswitch to determine the height and low of the chair.

16. Each unit shall be provided with a doctor chair proportional to the unit.

17. The turbine and syringe hoses should be from the bottom.

18. The unit shall comply with European standards and the seller shall submit the certificates of quality and conformity of specifications. The unit shall be of European, Japanese, Korean or American origin.


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